Why the Lab??

CrossFit is the world’s premier strength and conditioning program designed to produce a fitness that is broad, general and inclusive. This can be accomplished, start to finish in 60 minutes a day. This includes the warmup, the workout, and a cool down. World class fitness can be accomplished with simply one workout a day. Nothing more is required for 99.9% of the world’s population.

Choosing CrossFit as your sport is a vastly different undertaking than simply performing CrossFit training to keep yourself highly fit. Preparing for the sport of CrossFit has unique demands on training, nutrition, recovery, equipment, dedication of time, and other sacrifices.

This site is dedicated to individuals maniacally dedicated to training for the CrossFit Games. You might think you fall into this category and therefore require the training presented here. Likely, that is not true. For the overwhelming majority of athletes performing CrossFit training the volume, repetitions, and loadings presented on the NC Lab blog is profoundly unnecessary and will likely leave the athlete overtrained, less fit, mentally defeated, and possibly broken. However, if you are adequately prepared both mentally and physically to compete in CrossFit at the highest level, then welcome to our training protocol.


The protocol is 3 pronged.

Program:   Daily examples of the training that the crew does at NorCal CrossFit at our sessions every day.

Intensity: The atmosphere and other info to get your mind and your atmosphere right to maximize intensity and results.

Community: We highly encourage you to surround yourself with a crew that will push you.  Being a part of the NC Lab makes you a member of ours.


Is the programming presented on the NC Lab appropriate for you?

- Have you been performing wide variety of functional movements at high intensity for at least 2 years?

-         Are you proficient in complex movements such as the squat snatch, squat clean & jerk, muscle-ups, handstand walking, handstand push-ups on parallettes, amongst the many others commonly performed at the CrossFit Games?

- Can you perform every WOD ever presented on CrossFit.com as prescribed and post a very competitive time, score or load?

- Are you willing to sacrifice free time with friends and family if necessary to train?

- Do you actually understand how much suffering and agony you must be willing to endure?


If you answered yes to all the previous questions, then congratulations, you are just as crazy as the rest of us. Welcome to the program.


We offer a program with a…Fitness Bias.

The workouts posted on the NC Lab site are just what we do in the gym when we throw down together every day.  We are asked all of the time about our “programming”.  Here it is.

To excel in CrossFit competitions you need to be great at everything. With that in mind, this program does not have a bias for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, body weight movements, strongman activities, swimming, biking, running, or anything else except…….fitness, and that includes the aforementioned modalities and much more. The best athletes in our sport are NOT training solely based on percentages or metabolic pathways. By training time domains from short to medium to long, weights from body weight to light to medium to heavy, and by varying the repetitions from singles to hundreds of reps with every piece of gear imaginable, we properly achieve our goals.


But at the end of the day all that matters..

If you follow this program religiously while meticulously consuming the proper foods but do not attack the workouts with a terrifying level of intensity you will NOT achieve the level of performance which is intended. Too many athletes think that there is one program out there which is simply the best and they just need to follow that one, magical program and they will crush Regionals and go to the CrossFit Games. That is a lie. Athletes would be far better following a decent program at high intensity than they would be following a great program at low intensity. The ideal scenario is to be following a phenomenal program with HIGH intensity. We can provide you with the programming, but the intensity is up to YOU. For this reason we highly recommend you have a training partner or partners. Put yourself in whatever environment you need in order to train with intensity. Intensity leads to results. It’s that simple.


Do yourself a favor….

Seek out a coach! Yanking on the barbell harder will not improve your clean. Learning proper technique will improve your clean.

Be honest about your deficiencies. Everyone loves to lift weights and hates sprinting 400m repeats until you vomit. For example, if running is your biggest deficiency, it could be wise to supplement this program with additional running. This same concept applies to body weight movement and barbell work.

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  1. Mike

    I have always been wondering what the greatest CF Athletes do, I am so glad you all offer such transparency. Thank you so much for this!

  2. Wilfred

    How do you guys go about your programing? What do you do to increase strength for power lifts and oly lifts? Are those pretty structured at least? And also what about skill work? What would you recommend for intermediates like me to be proficient with skills and strength like you guys. What did y’all do when you where in my stage of fitness? Thank you.

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