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If you are in the South East…you better check this out.  Should be a blast!




It will be a one day coaching session with Kendrick Farris and Garret Fisher! To register go to


Speaking of Garret.  He is in Dubai this week competing!  As I am typing this it is Thursday morning out there and today he is to perform MAX DISTANCE ON THE SKI ERG IN 5 MIN!!


Sounds awful.


The team series workouts will be released this evening.


The Lab. Year 2. Week 1. Thursday.


Rest, Make Up, Play on the Ski Erg…or…when the workouts get released, get after it.



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Ben Smith during a set of 495 for 3!!



Ben is the quiet guy in the corner that you don’t realize is crushing you til it’s too late.  No fanfare, no hoopla, just results.


The new way the Lab will be run is going to be me gathering workouts from the athletes and coaches I have had the opportunity to connect with over the years of traveling etc.  I will gather a month or so worth of workouts at a time from some of these incredible folks and put them together in a way that makes sense and ensures that all of the variants are covered and needs for overall fitness met.  It’s going to be fun…


Today…comes from Ben himself.


The Lab. Year 2. Week 1. Thursday.


Snatch Balance



Back Squat

Find your heaviest set of 3


For Time

25 Clean and Jerk 135/95

50 Pull Ups

75 Wall Ball 20/14

100 Box Jump 24/20

75 Wall Ball

50 Pull Ups

25 Clean and Jerk


**Originally the workout called for Toes to Bar instead of Pull Ups but I modified given all of the knees to elbows in the Monster Mash.  Oh…what about the wall ball??  You can go ahead and do more wall ball…it’s good for you.


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  1. Cameron M

    Miranda, Long time follower since week 1.Great job this past year, I cant wait for the next! Thank you for the daily dedication, all the way from Tennessee!

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      It will take a few weeks to get it on the new track, but it’s going to be great! Stay tuned!

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Congrats to Sam for crushing at the Granite Games this weekend!


Pic courtesy of Progenex.


Today another workout FROM the Granite Games and some lifting from the bros at Brute.


The Lab. Year 2. Week 1. Tuesday.


Clean Pull

5 x 3

Work up to 100% of Max Clean


Front Squat

4 x 6 with a 4 second lower


Cleans and Rings from the Granite Games



Clean 225/155

Muscle Up


Accumulate 250 feet of handstand walking.


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Molly and I on the beach in Kauai.



Some changes are coming your way…for the BETTER!


When the NC Lab was started, the goal was to share with the world the workouts that the crew at NorCal CrossFit were doing together.  Back then the main crew was Miranda, Jason, Garret, Molly, Alex, sometimes Neal and Pat….and some of the other trainers that you have gotten to know through our posts like Cheryl and DH.  Well, Jason just had baby #2, Garret is living in MIami and people are just all around busy.  So much so that we are only able to work out TOGETHER every once in a while.


Thanks to the tremendous support from all of you though, I want to keep the workouts coming.  And I am GOING TO continue to give all of you insight as to what this level of athlete does to prep for the Games/Games Season.  I have been lucky enough to get to know a lot of really amazing athletes and coaches throughout the years working on the Level 1 staff and being on the floor at the Games.  I am working on changing the blog a bit to bring you workouts from more athletes than just our little family at NorCal.  Similar to the way I have been doing with Sherwood’s Monster Mash every week!  In the meantime, there might be a few days here and there where we are working on the new site and getting everything going.

Last week marked exactly 1 year of the NC Lab Workouts.  Thanks for being a part of it with us.  This next chapter is going to be (as Hinshaw would say) “SO BAD ASS”!!!


The Lab.  Year 2. Week 1. Monday.




At  0:00


Squat Cleans 115/75

Handstand Push Up

Lateral Burpees Over the Bar


at 25:00


3 Rounds for Time

50 Double Unders

400 Meter Run

25 Hang Power Snatch 65/45


at 50:00


4 Rounds for TIme

25′ Handstand Walk

20 Wall Balls 20/14

15 Knees to Elbows

10 Shoulder to Overhead 155/105


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  1. Jordan B

    Thankyou so much Miranda for taking the time to post the workouts y’all do! It helps that I can get a great crossfit workout in. Especially since I’m a broke college kid that can’t exactly afford a box at the time hahaha. I can’t even describe how much I appreciate it, and I’m sure there are others that feel the same. THANKS AGAIN

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Legends and friends Chris Spealler and Shane Dorian partnered up for yesterday’s Beach WOD.



Well…we are running a 10 k today, so I figured you all should too!  For some of you, the seasons will be changing soon and it will start to snow etc.  Get out there and run while you still can!! (At least while you still can without freezing.)


NC Lab. Week 52. Sunday.


Run 10k


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Stacie, Sam and Emily at The Granite Games.  Three of my good friends and some of my favorite people.



A bunch of cool people competing this weekend at The Granite Games.  The events have been pretty fun so far.  Give ‘em a try!


NC Lab. Week 52. Saturday.


Snatch Ladder.  To get as far as you can as fast as you can…..





5 Rounds for Time

2 Rope Climbs 14′

4 Deadlifts 365/240

8 Burpees over the Bar

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Jason getting some Muay Thai in while in Thailand for business.


A little fun with some workouts today.


NC Lab. Week 52. Thursday.


2 Rounds

20 Reps of 30″ Box Jumps

1 Min Max Muscle Ups

30 Reps 24″ Box Jumps

1 Min Max Muscle Ups

40 Relps 20″ Box Jumps

1 MIn Max Muscle Ups


Score is Time and Reps of Muscle Ups


Rest 15 Min


21 Deadlift 225/155

Run 400

18 Deadlift

Run 400

15 Deadlift

Run 400

12 Deadlift 

Run 400



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A couple of us are headed to Kauai, HI this week to run an awesome 10k for an amazing cause with a bunch of the Progenex crew.  The run is to help raise money for scholarships for kids to get off the street and come in and do CrossFit.  Can’t wait.  It is going to be good times with the best people around.


Another lifting workout from Garret’s lifting coach in Miami.


NC Lab. Week 52. 



Snatch Pull + Snatch

2 sets of 3 at 60%

2 sets of 3 at 70%

2 sets of 2 at 75%

3 sets of 2 at 80%


Hang Clean

2 sets of 3 at 70%

1 set of 3 at 75%

3 sets of 3 at 80%


Front Squat

2 sets of 3 at 70%

1 set of 3 at 75%

1 set of 3 @ 80%

3 sets of 3 @ 85%


Clean Pull (%s are of your max clean)

2 sets of 3 at 90%

1 set of 3 at 100%

1 set of 3 at 105%

3 sets of 2 at 110%


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Guess who’s back?  Back again.



Alex was in China for a month.  Today was my first time seeing him since the Games!  #sledpusher


NC Lab. Week 52. Tuesday.


Back Squat

5 x 3 with 3 second hold at the bottom.


Push Press

5 x 3 with 3 second hold at the top


Another gem from Mr Sherwood


2 Rounds for TIme

100 Meter Walking Lunge

75 Foot Handstand Walk

50 GHD Sit Ups

25 Push Press 135/95


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