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Don’t worry…he’s ok.  BUT, we want to give a BIG Lab HUG and a FEEL BETTER SOON to Pat, who got in a little accident yesterday on his dual sport motorcycle while having a little too much fun off road.  A few strangers helped him to safety and he was checked out at the hospital with a shoulder injury and another story to add to his already long list.  His dedication to the Mash and bringing us all the Monday Monster goodness was unwavered by the accident….he still posted it from the hospital.


Dedicate this one to Pat’s Recovery.


NC Lab. Week 51. Monday.


Start at 0:00


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Defecit HSPU 6″/4″

1 Legless Rope Climb from a seated position between each round of HSPU


 At 20:00


5 Rounds

15 KB Swings 70/53

15 Burpees


At 40:00


3 Rounds

5 Muscle Ups

10 Squat Cleans 135/95

15 Box Jumps 24/20



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This guy….



Ok….as if you weren’t going to do them anyway…here’s the challenge.  In whatever order you please…do all 4 of the Team Series workouts in the next 24 hours.  Most of them can be easily done on your own if need be…but try to find a buddy!!


NC Lab. Week 50. Saturday.


12 Min AMRAP alternating FULL ROUNDS with a partner

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatch 75/55

(If there are 4 of you, pair #2 starts at 12 min and goes for 12 min)


In Pairs

Partner 1 does 30 Thrusters 95/65 while Partner 2 does 30 Chest to bar pull ups

Switch places when both are finished with their 30 and do 30 of the opposite movement

Do this same thing with 20/20 and 10/10

No alternating until both partners are ready to alternate


In a 10 min window find a 3 Rep Max Front Squat


For Time

4 People go through one at a time:

30 Cal Row

30 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Hang Power Cleans 135/95

Cannot start until person ahead of you has finished the WHOLE workout.


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Look who’s back in town for a visit! So awesome having Garret back with the Crew, 



 Alright guys, its that time of the week again. Time to hand it over to Hinshaw….


Track Interval Workout

4x850m with 3min rest between efforts

5min rest after final interval

1x400m, 1x300m, 1x200m with 90sec rest between efforts


Workout Details:  Why 850m?  Athletes must learn to drive the through the finish.  As a coach, I will not hesitate to make one of my athletes redo an interval if they fail to push through the finish line (just ask Jason).   Use the below 800m pacing chart in order to hit the correct workout intensity.


Run 850, rest 3min, run 850, rest 3min, run 850, rest 3min, run 850, rest 5min, run 400, rest 90sec, run 300, rest 90sec, run 200….done!!!


And yes…the 400, 300, 200 are fast.  Time to work that fast finish!!


Workout Pacing Targets:

Mile PR Time 800m pace target (per 400m) 800m pace target (per 100m) 400m, 300m, 200m pace target            (per 100m)
5:00 1:26 21.6 18.8
5:20 1:29 22.3 20.0
5:40 1:35 23.8 21.3
6:00 1:41 25.3 22.5
6:20 1:47 26.7 23.8
6:40 1:53 28.2 25.0
7:00 1:59 29.7 26.3
7:20 2:05 31.2 27.5
7:40 2:11 32.7 28.8
8:00 2:17 34.2 30.0
8:30 2:23 35.7 31.9
9:00 2:32 37.9 33.8
9:30 2:41 40.1 35.6
10:00 2:50 42.4 37.5
10:30 2:59 44.6 39.4
11:00 3:07 46.9 41.3
11:30 3:16 49.1 43.1
12:00 3:25 51.3 45.0


Strength Endurance Workout

6 rounds:  25yd max effort heavy sled push (not pulls) sprints plus a 75yd sprint without the sled.   Full recovery between rounds.



Workout Details:  The max effort sled push should be heavy enough so that you cover your 25yd distance in about 6-7sec.  Once you pushed 25yds, leave sled and sprint 75yds at a 95-98% max effort.  Walk back to sled, turn it around, and push it easy back to the original start.  Full recovery between rounds. The goal of this workout is to recruit your fast twitch (type 2a) fibers and extend their endurance.


Row or SkiErg Workout

20x125m max effort sprints with 10sec rest plus 175m easy, easy, easy after every effort.


Workout Detail:  This is a pure speed workout.   Use the 10sec to get your heart rate down.  Find something that works.  Deep breaths, fetal position, or moaning (this works for Miranda….haha)


Swim Workout

400 with fins (150 swim/50 kick on back, repeat)

6×50 (kick/any drill by 25) w/ 30sec rest

Main Set:

2×100 tempo increase by 25s (1st 25 slowest, last 25 fastest) w/ 40sec rest

30sec extra rest

1×100 for time (max effort)

50 easy

4×50 descending (#1 slowest, #4 fastest) w/ 30sec rest

30sec extra rest

1×100 for time (max effort)

50 easy

8×25 descending 1-4 & 5-8 w/ 20sec rest

30sec extra rest

1×100 for time (max effort)

50 easy

4×100 kick with fins w/ 45sec rest

100 cool down

Total:  2100

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muscle up


Pic taken during some skill work up at CrossFit HQ.


Speaking of CrossFit HQ…once again I am reminded that the programming minds behind the mainsite workouts are brilliant and are constantly pushing the limits in a very elegant and simple way.  Often times athletes overlook these workouts thinking that the program needs to “look” fancy in order to be effective.  It’s just simply not true.  Enjoy a few from this week’s programming.


NC Lab. Week 50.  Thursday.


Back Squat



For as long as you can continue, up to 30 min

1 Muscle Up every 15 seconds


10 Pull Ups and 10 Dips every minute


If you want to do this prescribed but don’t get very far…when you fail rest 2 min…lower the reps a bit (or the time between muscle ups) and continue to 30 min.




4 Responses to “Elegance”

  1. Joey Commisso

    Guys……and Girls :)
    When I start this would it be a good idea to go back to week one and start? Also my running lacks endurance…..Should I add Coach Hinshaws training and if so would i just follow your Endurance site ? How many days should I run train per week in addition to the NC Lab Rat :) training? FYI, I am 58 years old, I can do 239 consecutive double unders, Deadlift #355 for 4 reps, run a 5.1 40 yard dash and i can do 4 unbroken strict muscle ups. I was even thinking of starting with the CF main site for 6 months first to get me better prepared for the NC Lab stuff…..and yes I would love to compete in the CF masters division in the next couple of years, so with all this in mind what do you guys recommend? Plus i eat really clean and I’m 5’9″ and weigh 145 lbs…. I don’t care who answers me back because I see the results that you guys and girls get for yourselves so when you have a moment …..

    • Lance

      Hey Joey when I started a while back I just jumped right in. The hinshaw workouts have done leaps and bounds for my endurance. This page out if all other programs I have followed has produced the best result for me and been the most FUN. Which is a big deal to me when your training this much volume.

  2. Lance

    I would also recommend listening to your body big time! If your smashed up rest if you gotta scale do it if you feel good go for it. But it does usually tend to be a decent amount of volume so ease into it.

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Pumped to be on this team for the upcoming CrossFit Team Series starting this weekend!



Meet my teammates for the next few weeks.


Blair Morrison: Games Vet, 13th Place in NorCal Regionals this year!

Vanessa Long: (formerly Vanessa Reyes) 12th in SoCal 2 years running!

Ben Alderman: top 10 in NorCal 3 years running!


Since I was intro-ing you all to my team…thought I would get a workout from one of them for you to enjoy.  Ben loves to lift heavy, and he is good at it!  Have a crack at this guy…


NC Lab. Week 50. Wednesday.


On a 15 Min Clock:

Build to a heavy Squat Clean Single


Ben got to 365


Rest 10 Min


On a 20 Min Clock

Run 1 Mile with a Med Ball 20/14

With Remaining time find a 1 rep Power Clean


Ben got to 375


Rest 10 Min


4x 50 Yard Overhead Carry as heavy as possible


Ben got to 305


2 Responses to “Incommunicado”

  1. Ben

    Yes… The goal was a heavy sustained carry because of all the lower body work earlier in the workout.

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Was this not the best victory dance ever?


Today’s workout is a mish mash of some things that I have gotten from the boys at Brute Strength the past few days.  Give it a whirl.


NC Lab. Week 50. Tuesday.


10 Min EMOM 3 Power Snatch

Start at 50% of your 1 Rep Power Snatch and try to add weight each round


6 x 2 Squat Clean Thruster


The workout goes as follows

Run 400 Meters

Run 1 Min as far as possible with a sandbag 80-90lbs for guys/60-70lbs for the women

Rest 2 Min

**Keep repeating this until the SANDBAG has travelled 1200 Meters.

**Pace but do not OVER Pace the 400s.  For example, I have a 6:30 Mile PR and my 400s were 1:56ish. 



Burpee Pull Overs


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That’s right…you know what day it is…



Monday Monster Mash is HERE!


NC Lab. Week 50. Monday.


At 0:00


For Time

100 Wall Balls 20/14

100 Calories on the Rower

50 Burpees over the Rower

50 Toes to Bar


At 30:00


For Time

“Air Force”

At the top of each minute (including the first minute) 4 Burpees

20 Thrusters 95/65

20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

20 Push Jerks

20 Overhead Squats

20 Front Squats


At 50:00


For Time

21 Weighted Pistols 53/35 (total, alternating…not each leg)

15 Clean and Jerks 135/95

9 Muscle Ups


4 Responses to “Muscle Monster”

  1. Joel Willis

    I will be following you guys, along with my teammate Kylee Claxton ( Thanks to Miranda for checking on Kylee in the Medical Center during the games). We’re formerly from Crossfit Dyanmix Strength (2 Time Northeast Team Champions), and were looking forward to following you guys’ lab programming, and will be posting results regularly.

    The First Workout (18:25), Second Workout (8:47), Third Workout (6:39). By the time I got to the Clean & Jerks, I was SMOKED, but did the nine muscle-ups unbroken. I will post my partners times later on.

  2. Kylee Claxton

    My Time for the First Workout was (19:52), Second (DNC), Third (7:29). Thanks again Miranda for checking up on me at the games, I look forward to following your programming as well.

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Kylee- Were you my friend in the blackout rehab room? Ha ha ha!! How sad for us that day! Enjoy the workouts! Keep us posted!

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Molly has been a complete bad ass since breaking her foot at Regionals.  She has continued to do as much as she can do and will hopefully be out of that boot NEXT WEEK!  Fingers crossed.


NC Lab. Week 49. Sunday.





Push Press



20 Min AMRAP back and forth with a partner

12 Box Jumps 30/24

9 Hang Power Cleans 185/125

6 Chest to Bar Pull Ups


50 Strict HSPU for Time

followed immediately by

100 Push Ups for Time


4 Responses to “Yolo Drops”

  1. Mark Putnam

    Miranda, our other coach broke a bone in her foot two weeks ago at a comp. She is in a boot for 6-8′weeks with no pressure on the foot allowed. Could you provide any insight into Molly’s work during her recovery. I’m trying to develop a plan for my coach.

    • Chris Leib

      I am not sure about Molly’s rehab; however, I am a CrossFit coach and physical therapist in the Philadelphia area and I’m currently working with a fellow colleague who is recovering from an ACL reconstruction. She is not a CrossFitter but a competitive triathlete. I have found using CrossFit style workouts are very helpful because there’s so much opportunity to scale and modify around her injured leg. She was initially nonweightbearing on her left leg which forced us to utilize single leg exercises and upper extremity exercises in modified standing positions. So far it has been an opportunity for her to focus more on strict strengthening, core stability and balance where otherwise she would be focusing more intensely on endurance tasks. You can check out my Facebook page under Chris Leib or under Pain Relief and Physical Therapy in order to see video of these workouts thus far. We will be continuing to post them throughout her recovery. Hope that’s helpful.

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Thank you Chris! Yeah, Molly was non weight bearing for a long time as well and then in a boot! So great to share resources for that type of scaling to keep people moving!

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      She did a lot with her knee on a bench. She could row and just put her other foot on a skate board. Lots of upper body gymnastics and strength work focus while she was recovering!

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Photo Cred: Sevan Matossian, CrossFit


Chris is at it again.  This week’s programming is a direct cut and paste from an email he shared with Camille earlier this year as she prepped to become the 2014 Fittest Woman on Earth.


NC Lab. Week 49. Saturday.



Hi Camille,

We are on week 7 of our progression.

Hit the #2 track workout only when you are fresh and when you don’t have any heavy leg work later in that same day.  I want to make sure your legs have time to recover.  The intensity of the 300s is going to make you sore. 

#1 has the same pacing as your 400s from last week.  That opening 800m interval is going to make that 400 very difficult.  However, you must think “active recovery” once you get to the 300 and 200s because this tempo will be the same for these “short” intervals.

Track Workout #1

3 rounds:  (800m, 400m, 300m, 200m) 60sec between efforts.

5min rest between rounds

Total:  5100m


800m pace range:  3:20-3:22

400m pace range:  1:40-1:41

300m pace :  75sec

200m pace:  50sec


100m pace (every interval):  25sec.


Track Workout Details

Run 800, rest 60sec, run 400m, rest 60sec, run 300m, rest 60sec, run 200m, rest 5min, run 800m, rest 60sec…

Track Workout #2

4 rounds:  800m+300m with 4min rest between rounds (that includes a 200m easy jog).  This workout is actually 4x1100m


Track Workout Details

Run 800m then go straight into a 300m hard, rest 5 min.  Perform 200m easy jog during the 5min rest.  I would recommend finishing the 300m hard interval, rest for 30sec allowing the heart rate to drop under 70% of your max, then perform the easy 200m easy jog.  The 200m easy jog should take about 2min.


Track Workout Pacing

800m pace at 3:45-3:47 (hit this pace!!)

300m pace:  This is the core of the workout.  I want a strong “kick” during this interval.  Please send me your times for these 300m intervals.  

Yes – you are free to fly!!


Assault Bike or Row Workout

12min, 3min rest, 9min, 2min rest, 6min, 1min rest, 3min, 1min rest, 6min, 2min rest, 9min, 3min rest, 12min.  Details:  Each interval is its own separate event.  Each interval is broken up into thirds (easy, moderate, hard).  As example, the 12min has a 4min easy row, 4min moderate row, 4min hard row.  The pacing is reset after every interval.  The key to this workout is the easy is EASY and the hard is HARD. 


Swim Workout

100 warm up

3×100 kick  w/fins w/ 30 sec rest

6×25 kick  w/ fins (max effort) w/ 30sec rest

3×100 pull w/ 30 sec rest

6×25 pull (max effort) w/ 30sec rest

3×100 swim (no fins) w/ 30 sec rest

6×25 swim no fins (max effort) w/ 30sec rest

100 cool down

6×50 (25 underwater with fins/ 25 easy swim between efforts)

100 warm down

Total:  1950m

Let me know if you have any questions.




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