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Found today’s workout on Miss Rory Zambard’s Instagram @rzambard.  She is a good friend of ours and a great athlete so we gave it a go this weekend!  Now it’s your turn!


NC Lab. Week 32. Monday.


You need to start a running clock…


at 0:00 3, 2, 1….. GO.



Overhead Squat 115/75

GHD Sit Up


at 10:00 Start….


9 Hang Squat Cleans 185/135

9 Bar Muscle Ups

7 Hang Squat Cleans

7 Bar Muscle Ups

5 Hang Squat Cleans

5 Bar Muscle Ups


at 20:00 Start…


Row 1000

40 Alternating 1 Arm DB Snatches 70/50

30 Burpees



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Garret and Pat doing a little Murph testing!



It’s Easter!  Enjoy time with family!  Go on an Easter Egg Hunt!  Do what you wanna do!




NC Lab. Week 31. Sunday.


Rest or Make Up

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Some fun from the mind of Pat Sherwood…


NC Lab. Week 31. Saturday.


Start a running clock:


At 0:00



For Time

20 Deadlifts 315/205

20 Front Squats 205/135

20 Squat Snatch 135/95


Rest until the clock hits 20:00


For Time:

3 Rounds

30 KB Swings 1.5/1

30 Box Jumps 24/20


Rest Until the clock hits 40:00


For Time:

75 Handstand Push Ups

Every time you come off the wall you must perform 5 Clean and Jerks with 135/95


2 Responses to “Bigger and Deffer”

  1. Steve

    Awesome programming. Been following since end of the open. Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Paul Nolasco

    Miranda, for the last year I’ve been following your programming along with Crossfit Mayhem’s. This year I will be focusing all of my training on NC Labs. My goal is to do your WODs as prescribed. Thank you and good luck at regionals!

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Making sure to get that pace dialed in.  Chris will not be happy if you mess that up!!



Get out and enjoy the Spring weather today!


NC Lab. Week 31. Friday.


Track Workout

3 rounds:  (800m, 400m, 300m, 200m)

5min rest between rounds

Total:  5100m


Track Workout Pacing


Mile PR Time    Rest between rounds    800m target    400m target    300m target    200m target    100m pace (every interval)
5:20 60sec 2:56 1:28 1:06 44 22
5:40 60sec 3:08 1:34 1:11 47 23.5
6:00 60sec 3:18 1:39 1:14 49 24.5
6:20 60sec 3:30 1:45 1:18 52 26
6:40 75sec 3:40 1:50 1:23 55 27.5
7:00 75sec 3:52 1:56 1:27 58 29
7:20 75sec 4:04 2:02 1:32 61 30.5
7:40 75sec 4:14 2:07 1:35 63 31.5
8:00 90sec 4:24 2:12 1:39 66 33
8:30 90sec 4:42 2:21 1:45 70 35
9:00 90sec 5:00 2:30 1:51 74 37



Track Workout Details

Run 800 at the prescribed pace based on your current mile PR time, rest either 60, 75, or 90sec, run 400m, rest as prescribed, run 300m, rest as prescribed, run 200m, rest 5min, run 800m, rest as prescribed…


Row Workout

2000m at moderate pace that includes 4x100m at max effort surges within 2000m interval, 3 min rest

1500m at moderate pace that includes 3x100m at max effort surges within 1500m interval, 3 min rest

1000m at moderate pace that includes 2x100m at max effort surges within 1000m interval, 3min rest

500m at moderate pace that includes 1x100m at max effort surges with 500m interval, 3min rest

Total:  5000m


Row Workout Pacing:

Moderate Pace:  2000m PR pace plus 5-15sec/500m

Max Effort = max effort.


Row Workout Details:  

During your 2000m row, you will perform 5x100m max effort surges.  These 100m surges can be performed at anytime.  As example, you can row 500m continuous.  Rest 3min after the 2000m interval.  Then 1500m interval with 4x100m max effort surges performed at anytime…


Airdyne  or Assault Bike Workout

5 rounds:  90sec ON: 30sec OFF

4min total rest between rounds

4 rounds:  90sec ON: 30sec OFF

4min total rest between rounds

3 rounds:  90sec ON: 30sec OFF

4min total rest between rounds

2 rounds:  90sec ON: 30sec OFF


Airdyne  or Assault Bike Workout Detail

The “ON” pace is intended to be the maximum intensity that you can maintain from round-to-round for the entire workout.  Your performance will be judged based on your slowest 90sec ON interval.  Focus on consistent pacing for all 12 of the ON intervals.   The OFF pace is an easy spin, any form of passive rest, or your preferred way to quickly recover.   Develop your 30sec recovery routine.  I would encourage you to focus on reducing your heart rate.


Swim Workout

100 warm up

6×50 @ 1:15 (drill/swim by 25) w/ 20sec rest

Main Set:

2×25 dolphin kick, no board, w/ 15sec rest

2×50 any stroke but free w/ 20sec rest

2×100 pulling w/ 25sec rest

2×150 kick w/ board & fins w/ 30sec rest

2×200 swim w/ fins w/ 35sec rest

2×250 swim w/ 40sec rest

100 cool down

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Gustavo went and hung out with the one and only Kris Clever today at Valley CrossFit!




A good friend of ours, Julie Foucher, wrote a GREAT blog post about the risk associated with CrossFit.  Hit’s super close to home because she talks about Kevin Ogar’s experience as well as my own with my car accident.


Click here to read the article!!


The workout today is what Kris and Gustavo did in their training!


NC Lab. Week 31. Thursday.


Work Up to a Heavy Power Snatch

Make sure you do at least 10 Heavy Singles




3×3 Strict Press

3×3 Weighted Pull Up

3×3 Deadlift

3×3 Front Squat


3 Rounds

20 Wall Ball

1 Min Airdyne


Rest 1 Min


3 Rounds

5 Muscle Up

1 Min Airdyne


Rest 2 Min


3 Rounds

5 Power Snatch 135/95

1 Min Airdyne


Rest 2 Min


3 Rounds

10 Burpees

30 Double Unders




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I mean….3 Champs.  Need we say more??




Surround yourself by those who push you to be better.  This group is all about just that.


NC Lab. Week 31. Wednesday.


1000 M Row x 4

Rest 3 Min Between efforts



Squat Clean Thruster 155/105

Hand Stand Walk 50 Feet

Deficit Handstand Push Ups 45and25/45


Tabata Plank Hold


3 Responses to “Champs”

  1. mark nash

    Good to see Miranda on the Games Update show!!! This is a great site. The variety and challenge of the workouts are awesome.

  2. Patrick

    Hey, do you guys use atlas stones in your programming? Havent really seen any used here at the lab?

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Yes! Sometimes! We don’t have them at the gym we normally train at, but do have them at one of our other locations! Great training tool.

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Meet Kaden Joseph Khalipa.  Isn’t he the best?





This is what really matters.  At the end of the day our fitness should improve our own lives and the lives of those we love.  If it doesn’t….what’s the point?  Thanks for the reminder Kaden!  Welcome to the NC Family!!


NC Lab. Week 31. Tuesday.




Front Squat

6 x 2


7 Sets of

Snatch plus Overhead Squat




2012 Final Regionals Workout

3 Rounds

7 Deadlifts 355/225

7 Muscle Ups

3 Rounds

21 Wall Balls 20/14

21 Toes to Bar

Dumbbell Farmer Carry 100 feet 100s/70s

28 Burpee Over the Box (no dumbbells)

Farmer Carry Back

1 Muscle Up


Rest 10 Min



KB Swing 70/53






4 Responses to “Kaden”

  1. Stacijae Ducusin

    Baby Khalipa’s facial expression is priceless. Looks like he just saw the WOD and is damn excited to get yokedddd!!!!! Congrats, Khalipas!!!! He’s beautiful :)

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Heavy deadlifts make everyone feel strong….




NC Lab. Week 31. Monday.


14 Min EMOM

Even Burpee Box Jump Over

Odd KB Swing 2/1.5


30 Rounds of the following Complex


Mid Thigh Clean

High Hang Clean

Front Squat

Rest 1 Min



5 Rounds

Each Round is 2 Min

20 C2B Pull Ups




4 Responses to “6 Foot 7 Foot”

  1. Cristofer

    Ms. Oldroyd,
    Are there a set of reps for today’s 14 min EMOM? Or is it an AMRAP within the minute? Thanks for the gaiiinz!


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Pressing overhead…on your feet and inverted.  Pretty cool pic.




NC Lab. Week 30. Sunday.


EMOM 15 Min

2 High Hang Squat Snatch




Alternating back and forth with a partner…

4 Min 205/135 Power Clean x 3 Reps

4 Min Dumbbell Burpee Over the Box 70s/50s

4 Min Bar Muscle Ups x 3 Reps

3 Min of all 3 Movements

2 Min of all 3 Movements


It’s Sunday.  Play with the Yoke or the Sleds or something.  Mix it up!!




7 Responses to “Big Mouth”

    • Schill

      Hey Miranda, I’m going to start following nclab programming strictly, it looks amazing and stays true to crossfit, but if I have the work capacity is it still cool if I did more then posted, work on weaknesses, lifting, extra metcon things like that? Any help would be awesome !! Thank you :)

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Yes! I have made it clear several times that many of the athletes that train with our group do extra stuff to work on our own individual weaknesses. Get after it!

  1. Jeremy

    Miranda, I am a huge fan of NorCal and everything that y’all are doing over there. I am on the east side of the country so I don’t know if i will ever have a chance to make it over there and check it out as much as I would love to. Keep up the great programming work. Also, do you have any advice or drills that could be helpful when it comes to overhead squats and squat snatches. I would love to overcome those huge weaknesses in my lifting.

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      I think the answer is 2 things. If it’s technique, get a coach or at least film yourself to help. If it’s just strength… then just go overhead, a lot. Do mobility to make sure you can get into the best position possible.

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Garret during today’s workout!




Got together and did this fun little number earlier this week.  Thanks for nothing Cinco.


NC Lab. Week 30. Saturday.


10 Min Warm Up

Go through at warm up pace AMRAP style

10 Second LEGIT L Sit Hold

Hand Stand Walk 50 feet

7 Strict Toes to Bar



3 Deadlifts 405/255

2 Rope Climbs


10 Min EMOM

Even 15 HSPU

Odd 15 Shoulder to OH 155/105



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